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Facility Maintenance                                        

Pool Repairs                                                                             

·         Motor Repairs                  

·         Sand Changes                     

·         Plumbing                                                   

New Construction & Facility Renovations            

·         Replastering                           

·         Tile and Coping                

·         Concrete & Deck Work

·         Acid Washing

·         Spray Deck

·         Remodeling

Aquatic Facility Inspections

Our Certified Pool Inspector will come out to your facility and do a complete inspection to ensure that your facility is current on all state codes and regulations.  

Certified Pool Operator Training (CPO)

Products We Offer:

 Slab Gasket

Slab Gasket is the perfect, cost effective replacement for rotten wood and other types of expansion joints in sidewalks, driveways, patios, and pool decks.  It can be used in commercial, residential and institutional applications.  It is easily installed and blended with the color of concrete.   Slab Gasket is a great weed-growth deterrent and cure for trip and fall hazards associated with empty expansion joints.  It also helps prevent water from going under your concrete which can erode dirt from underneath your driveway. 


 Dri Dek

Dri Dek is a textured anti-slip product that is great for wet surfaces.  Installation is simple.  The interlocking tiles will snap together covering a surface of any size or shape.  Dri Dek is also great for preventing germ and mold build up in wet areas.  Dri Dek comes in 12 colors making it easier to match. 



The i-Lift is the most economical and efficient pool lift that is battery powered and ADA compliant.  It is designed for in deck installation of all commercial, public in-ground pools and spas.  It can also be made portable with the i-Lift mate.  Operation of the lift is safe and easy.


Tailwind Furniture

A cheap affordable option for Lifeguard chairs and pool furniture.  Tailwind furniture is made from recycled plastic. The elimination of cushions and straps will require very little maintenance.